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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Looking for a Brief Break from Politics (sort of)? -- New Campbell Conversation with Lakshmi Singh

I had the great pleasure and NPR honor to interview Lakshmi Singh, the mid-day newscaster for NPR.  The interview aired this week and can be found as a podcast here.  We talked about her personal experiences doing this job for NPR, but I also asked her about the politics of story selection and story delivery, given the NPR audience.  I threw in my local experience of audience reaction from deciding to put two local Tea Party leaders on the show last spring.

The interview was originally taped a few weeks ago, before the Juan Williams firing, but we did talk about the general political pressures the news team faces.  What she has to say is in some respects made even more interesting by its coming before the Williams incident.

Make sure you listen to the end of the interview--the three questions at the end are both fun and inspiring.


LisaMJ said...

That was an good conversation and it was interesting to hear how she prepares her newscasts for the day.

One thing that slightly bugged me, and this might just be down to my personal political leanings, but when she mentioned why they cover the tea party it slightly rankled. Although I understand why the tea party gets the attention it does, I found it odd that NPR and most other mainstream news outlets gave scant coverage to several immigration reform rallies held by Latino activists that had far larger numbers than any of the tea party rallies. It seems like it depends on who is doing the protesting seems to affect how much coverage protests get and that is one of the many issues I tend to have with American mainstream news outlets.

Grant Reeher said...

Interesting observation Lisa, thanks. I think you also have to factor in the huge impact the Tea Party had on this election more generally, at the primary stage, and setting the agenda overall. That had to influence decisions as to the newsworthiness of any particular event related to them.

Unknown said...

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