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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dan Maffei on the Campbell Conversations -- A Look Forward, and a Look Back

If you're a political junkie or someone who followed the 25th district congressional race with any interest, you won't want to miss this week's Campbell Conversation with Dan Maffei (available on-demand and as a podcast from WRVO).  In his first broadcast interview since conceding to Ann Marie Buerkle, he sorts out the factors that he’s considering in deciding whether or not to run again.  In that process he reflects back on the past campaign and how hard the loss was for him, and assesses his own strengths and weaknesses as a candidate.  He also responds to the recent criticisms surrounding the bonuses his congressional staff received on their way out.  The topic then shifts to potential Republican presidential contenders, and the many ways—according to Maffei—that moderates and moderate political conversations are disadvantaged in the current political system.  Finally, there’s a discussion of our current involvement in Libya.  Much more revealing than most politician interviews, this conversation provides a better insight into the person who was our congressman.

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